Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now Available: OracleLearning YouTube Channel

The new OracleLearning YouTube Channel is now available! This channel's purpose is to provide videos to the general public on the use of Oracle Products. These high quality videos were created by Server Technology Curriculum (the group that I am in). Example video's include:

In addition, there are links to favorite videos's on other youtube channels that are very interesting and could be useful to you.  Check it out!

What is this thing called the OLL?

OLL stands for Oracle Learning Library and provides a respository of free Oracle Training content for customers to learn from. The OLL has been around for about a year and we are in our 2nd release (January 1, 2011). I think you will find that this enhanced release has a lot more functionality and content is being added everyday. Some new features include:
  • New Easy to Use Interface
  • Google-like Search Capability
  • Searching by Tags in the Tag Cloud
  • Selecting Filters for an Advanced Search 
  • Viewing Content for Related Products
  • Launching Content
  • Providing Feedback about Content
  • Bookmarking Content
  • Reviewing Content
  • Communicating Content through Social-Media links (for Facebook and Twitter)
  • Subscribing to an RSS Feed
An OLL Overview video has been provided to give you an overview of what it is all about.

The URL is http://www.oracle.com/oll. Feedback is monitoring and responded to on a daily basis.  Check it out today!